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A professional  portfolio is a resource all models should have in order to showcase their talent to a potential agent, employer or client, it will need to look, and should be of the highest quality. 

A portfolio is something, anyone looking to enter this business must have. It will enable them to market their talents for not only for freelance opportunities but to potential agents and casting directors.

It is almost impossible to put yourself forward, be put forward, or apply for castings without one.

Agents and casting directors will want to see and be assured that an applicant has attained a certain level of confidence, experience and has a natural ability in front of the camera before offering you any form of paid work.

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what to expect

my job as a photographer is to faff around with lights and press a button

When a model and photographer meet and work for the first time it can be a scary time, not just for the model…….. photographers get scared too…… well I do. Maybe ‘scared’ is a bit of a strong word to use but I think you will ‘get’ what I mean.

So when I work with someone for the first time I find it helps greatly if a model chooses what she wants to shoot, what she wears and how she does her makeup.

This approach, I have found really works well as it sets the model at ease and when a model is comfortable her confidence grows and that make for awesome pictures.

I will offer helpful direction if needed but never dictate as to how a model should pose, in fact I actively encourage models NOT to pose as I want models to feel as natural as possible and one of the best ways of acheiving that I’ve found, is to let them call the shots.





please note all packages maybe subject to certain chargable expenses

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I am an freelance photographer.

I am in no way paid, linked or affilliated to: any model agency or studio.

I do not profess to have any ‘contacts’ in the industry or make false promises about getting models work.

My role is to offer my clients professional photography and image editing / retouch  services.

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