1 - 2 - 1 tuitition

one light masterclass

you will learn

camera setup

how to set up light

using the light meter

putting a set together

what goes where and why

model for the day

planning the shoot

mood board

a professional model

giving direction

posing the model

setting up the shot

camera set up

the test shot

evalutating the test shot

fine tuning

take the shot

lighting set up

owning the light

setting up

test shot and evaluation

fine tuning

take the shot

one light masterclass

 all necessary equipment

 professional model

tips, tricks and guidance

fantastic value at just

– £395 –

what they say

I did a master class with Trevor recently, brilliant day. I got to work with two models, I just love the way this guy teaches, his style is down to earth no fancy jargon.
Dave Shannon

Really good day, well worth the money. I came away totally insired as all the myths about lighting have been dispelled. Just need to go away and practice what I learned.
Johnathan White

I really like the way Trevor teaches his stuff, easy down to earth, no jargon, just plain and simple. I learned more at this hands on masterclass than I have from online presentations. Worth every penny!

Bob Scott

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