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‘portrait photography at the touch of a button’

portrait photography is much more that a quick snapshot of your face it’s about capturing the essence of your mood it’s about YOU nothing else

classic and contemporary portraiture is what I do best


having access to local studios means you can come to me or if you prefer I can bring studio equipment to you and we can shoot in the comfort of your own home, or maybe a favoured location you have in mind




‘lifestyle photography at the touch of a button’

lifestyle is a genre of photography that aims to capture you in a favoured situation

maybe it’s taking a walk in the park – breaking sweat at the gym – or just enjoying a cup of coffee

a real-life event, a moment in time from your life captured by me and frozen in time

the primary goal is to tell your story, that precious one of moment in time, using the magic of photography



‘portfolio photography at the touch of a button’



a professional portfolio is something you as an aspiring model must have.

it will enable you to market your talents for not only freelance opportunities but to potential agents and casting directors also.

in fact it is almost impossible to put yourself forward, be put forward, or apply for castings without one.

agents and casting directors will want to see and be assured that you have attained a certain level of confidence, experiance and show natural abiltiy in front of the camera before offering you any form of paid work.

our laid back approach will ensure all your nerves disappear quickly and we can get straight on to shooting and creating a portfolio you will be proud of.

 useful tips & tricks

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